Sep. 20th, 2011

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Here's me, on Livejournal, scolding myself about being on Livejournal. So many things need to get done while my client is sleeping:

WRITE, dammit!
Post F&W chapter to Teaspoon (nothing new, though. All new chapters go up on lj first)
and, also, write.
And write for the TTU prompt. That needs to get done as well.

And yet, here I sit at the digital gingerbread house, derping around like an idiot. I can't draw myself away from all the shiny goodness.

*kicks own ass*

It's not like I'm gun-shy about the story, it's just honestly that LJ can be a horribly seductive siren. I know this, and yet I persist instead of getting to work. Aren't you just delighted in my inner monologue? Shutting up now. For real. NO MORE LJ until this chapter is completed.
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Definitely the entertainer. I was the class clown, have been in plays, operas, was a founding member of a local improv troupe that played all over the place, etc. However, when it comes to one-on-one, I'm painfully shy around new people. Like, the ducking head not talking at all type of shy. Unless it's a group of people with a few that I know. Then I turn it "on" and act the goofball, which works to keep people at arms' length, but also fulfills social obligations to interact with people. Online, I'm all good because you can't see me. :) Onstage, I'm all good because you can't talk to me. I belong in a padded room. :b
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Well, it took longer than I wanted it to, but here's Chapter 7! Hope you enjoy! I got a bit muddled, and want to send a shout-out to my pal [ profile] kelkat9 for the beta help on this one! :)

Chaptah Seven!!! )


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