Aug. 27th, 2011

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Okay I'm totally a greenhorn on the Livejournal front - how does one make a fancy page for themselves with the custom pictures and whatnot? All my LJ friends (all four or so of them ha ha) have cool looking journals and I'm still stuck in default land. what's the trick? Thanks for any helps in advance!!!! :)
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The first chapter of the sequel to "Briar Rose," entitled "The Paradox Clones," has been uploaded to the Teaspoon! :) It's darker and more dramatic than the first story, with a few surprises and delving into one of the aspects of the Doctor's character I love the best - his ability to resist (or succumb) to corruptive influence.

It's by no means canonical (I've decided that fan fiction doesn't necessarily have to be canonical to be enjoyed - maybe that's bad), but I hope people enjoy. It was very plot-heavy for me, and took a while to make sure everything ironed out as best as I could iron it out in terms of continuity. I hope I did all right. At one point I had to resort to drawing little sketches like out of a football playbook to make sure everyone was where they needed to be at the right time. I'm a dork.

There are more pieces in the process of being written that are more fluff and silliness, but I wanted to stretch my muscles and see if I could write something with a bit of weight to it while still making it deliciously the Doctor. :)

Anyway, enough on that for now - just have to wait for the story to get validated. The first time I tried to upload Briar Rose, I got rejected. It was formatted completely wrong and had some stupid mistakes in it that I was in too much of a hurry to notice, and I almost didn't upload it at all after it got rejected because my confidence was so shaky. Now I've uploaded stuff without having friends beta-read it first (What Happens in Vegas), and even submitted something to a contest without having someone read it first (What Lingers). That's a big step for me, as up until I came to the Teaspoon and got such a warm welcome, I was afraid to share ANYTHING I'd written. Period. My husband and my dear friend were the only two people that I was confident enough to let read my stuff.

So, yay! The Teaspoon group is so supportive and nice - I'm really glad I bucked up the courage to post something. Hope you like the newest story, and there's more to come after that!


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