Oct. 17th, 2011

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Okay, so my client just pointed out something hilarious, and I have his permission to post it as a crack-prompt, so here we go! I hope somebody jumps on this.

The 9th Doctor at the helm of an episode of "Dinner: Impossible" - my client pointed out there are many similarities between 9 and Chef Robert Irvine; accent, haircut, the use of the word 'fantastic', frustration with most other human beings...

Any takers? Man I hope so!!!!
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Title: Flower and Willow
Rating: Teen
Pairing: 10/Rose
Category: Drama, Romance, Humor, Action/Adventure
Summay:On their way to visit old friends, the Doctor and Rose come across a mystery in one of Kyoto's geisha districts in US-Occupied Japan, 1948.
Notes: This chapter was posted without a beta, so all mistakes are mine. However, I want to throw out all the love in the world to the best betas a girl ever had:[livejournal.com profile] kelkat9, [livejournal.com profile] onabearskinrug and [livejournal.com profile] who_in_whoville - this story would not have come to this syrupy, twee conclusion without their help. Almost gave it up a couple of times when I got stuck, but those three beauties kept it going, pulling the geishas out of the mud and giving me the appropriate smacks over the head when necessary. I'm sad it's over, but that just means the next big story can commence, right? Hope you enjoy. Done talking now. :)

Chapter 19 of 19 )
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Now an AU version of Doomsday is rattling around in my head. It may demand to be written before the first installment of my 10.2-verse... ARGH!!!

Dang things - they're everywhere!


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