Oct. 9th, 2011


Oct. 9th, 2011 06:06 pm
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Well, I was writing something for the TTU "Rose" prompt, but have decided to abandon it in the interest of time. I got so wrapped up with F&W this weekend, and then everything else that went crazy for me in RL, there just isn't time to finish the story in time and make it post-worthy. Which makes me kind of sad because I liked where it was going, but I'm not going to blow through the ending just to get it done on time. Maybe one day I'll post it on my own page if I ever finish it.

And I was one of the dorks who voted "one week" for challenges, and here I can't even pull it off. Big dummy.

Anyroad, with that monkey off my back for now, I'm going back to F&W, where my heart is, and continue that story. Things are about to get very interesting, so I want to give it all the focus it deserves and demands right now. Still, feel like I'm standing on the platform watching the train pull out of the station, just a couple seconds too late to get on. :(


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