Oct. 1st, 2011


Oct. 1st, 2011 10:37 am
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Finally got the post to look right and be up and proper, so go to [livejournal.com profile] banana_crackeri right NOW, pick a prompt from the promptathon, and get posting!!!!
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] freaky_anomaly!!! I wanted to post this as a warning. I think these guys are on the way to your birthday party.
We are here to upgrade your party!
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The BC inaugural promptathon is underway - if you don't have your prompt, go pick one at our produce aisle:


I have come up with my own prompt to use, not from the promptathon. I
don't know why this song speaks to me, but I'm going to run with it.
(Explicit lyrics warning. Who am I kidding - explicit EVERYTHING warning with this one. If you're prudey, don't click below):
Read more... )

(for some reason if youu DO click on the above link, the video doesn't always load to the page, but if you hit refresh it'll come up)

My working titles are: "The All-Night TARDIS House Party" or "Oh, That's where that last case of Gallifreyan Hooch Went!"

I think it's because after all the running today (that continues as soon as I get enough oomph to get my butt up and running again) has left me wanting a large drink of goodness.

BTW, my first stop today was to set up my table for our chorus's annual show, taking place tomorrow. We all had to decorate a table with a theme. Guess what my theme was? I'm sure that I am the only chorus member in the organization's history that has a severed hand in a jar as part of my table decoration... :)

Off I go again! *whoosh!*

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So I'm a member of River City Sound Women's Barbershop Chorus (hereafter referred to by the easier moniker "chorus"), and tomorrow is our biggest fundraiser show of the year. Each chorus member decorates a table and serves a treat, and we sing a whole bunch of songs and there are quartets performing and it's a lot of fun. btw, just as a side note, we are also regional champions and will be going to Denver in 2012 to compete at the international level, so that's awesome. Also btw, I sing bass, which translates to about 2nd alto, for you music buffs. :) I just think it's funny that I can say, ala Spaceballs "She's a bass!" <-- I have a water bottle koozie with that embroidered on it hee hee.

So, anyway, here are a few pictures of my Dr. Who table:

those are stripey scarves around the edge of the table, in honor of 4. :)  (Mr. T gets credit for making the Union flag circle and the standup TARDIS) :)

complete with brainy specs, psychic paper, a recorder in honor of 2nd Doctor, and 10's TARDIS driver's license I got from a comic book convention. And my assault dalek. I <3 my assault Dalek. :)

It's a hand. In a jar. I have a hand. In a jar. On my table. ;)

I do not expect to win the design competition, but I am damn sure the only one in the chorus with a severed body part on my table this year, or perhaps any year! :) Now I gotta go buy some eyelashes for the show. Not everybody gets to say that, you know. :)


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