Sep. 30th, 2011

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Okay, I start here because I know I can post here lol.

Starting TOMORROW, October 1st, you too can explore the joys of crack at [ profile] banana_crackeri - the whoniverse's newest and soon-to-be-greatest crackfic community!!!

We will (hopefully) be starting off this crack-fest with a promptathon, so you need to get your weirdest ideas ready. Join the comm, snatch a prompt and go to town! Questions? Just ask! Wanna join? DO IT!!!!


Sep. 30th, 2011 12:40 pm
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I'm trying this whole eating healthy thing, and I figured what's healthier than rice? As I'm working on the geisha story before I go teach, I thought I'd throw together a quickie Japanese rice dish, only to remember that all my proper Japanese ingredients are at my client's house, as I cook stuff there for him a lot.
But, there was nothing else healthy in the house to eat. So I whipped up a batch of chicken with rice, trying to do it Japanese style with approximate Western ingredient equivalents.

This was highly unsuccessful.

I'm eating rice that tastes like gingerbread chicken with mayo on it. And I'm eating it, because that's all there is in the house for lunch.

Just thought I'd share - now back to the geishas. I wonder if this is how bad natto tastes...
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Whew. Lesson learned: be VERY CAREFUL when creating a draft for a large post for the community you are a moderator of, and make sure yo'ure clicking the right thing to save it to your own journal as a private post for later editing and not POSTING IT ON THE COMMUNITY all half-done and weird looking. Yikes.  Never put a post up and took it down again faster in my life.
<--- big dummy!


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