Sep. 29th, 2011

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I have been lurking on this story like a phantom for far too long. The problem is, I get sucked in and jump from chapter to chapter without taking the time to review, which is a huge dereliction on my part. HOWEVER, let me now express just how much I enjoy the hell out of this story by [ profile] kelkat9 - READ THIS STORY! You will get such a treat! From the moment I met him, I was quite taken with the original character Perry, and now am quite attached to him. This is a fun story with lots of adventure and also some leeches quite a ways in. :) Read it and I guarantee you will become a junkie like me. :) Original, fantastic suck-you-in kind of fiction that's got a lot to sink your teeth into. Historical references, mythological references, and pop culture references including one awesome throwback to a guy named Fraunk. READ! NOW!

The Eternal Adventure by Kelkat9 - READ THIS!
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Wow, apparently somebody ordered an apocalypse for this afternoon. I was looking out the window at blue skies, went to get a drink of water and came back to dark clouds, super fast winds and pouring rain. Um. Hm. Apparently I must have stepped through some sort of portal or something. Dude. Big pine tree in back of house doing angry hula in the wind. Not good. :/

Oh well, working on my banners for the Banana Crackeri is much more important than surviving apocalypse. :)


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