Sep. 28th, 2011

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LOTS of writing to do today - chapter 11 of F&W is rolling and needs my attention, while my TTU prompt story has to get done by Sunday. On top of that, I have to revise the children's play I wrote yesterday. I had a bit of fun with that. Did a Young Frankenstein/Classic monster movie mashup, but the main character is called "The Doctor" and his assistant is Rose. Kids won't know the difference, but maybe some parents will get it. :)

So, with all that hanging over my head, why am I hanging around Livejournal? Away with me! Allons-y!!
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Never posted a prompt before - inspired by the fun I had with [ profile] onabearskinrug's prompt yesterday and the prompt I'm trying to fill for [ profile] country_who, here's a random one from me. Fill away!!!! Any Doctor, any whatever. Enjoy!

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I have been trying to post my TTU story to TTU and the cut won't work. Am I dumb or something? Anybody having trouble with cuts today, or is the universe just out to get me? I mean, I know it's out to get me, but why pick on my poor little story? :( *snif*

------------------------End Tantrum---------------------------------------
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Okay, I try to post here first. Then we see what happens. This is my debut story for TTU, so I'm a little nervous. I might have gotten a tad hamfisted with the writing. I don't know. Anyway, this is as much to test whether or not I can post cuts on my own journal as it is for y'all to tell me if I should try again before posting to TTU. Thank you for your time.
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