Sep. 21st, 2011

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For the Who_contest Drabble Challenge #5: Music.

Symphony )

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As I am still relatively new to Livejournal, I have some questions that I thought my homies could answer for me, so I don't have to keep googling things and feeling like a twit. There are terms on here that people use, and I don't know what they  mean. I mean, I can gather contextually what they generally  mean, but I'm a sucker for the precise definition of a word. Silly, I know. Okay, here are a few. If you know of any others I might not have come across or mentioned yet, please let me know:
Flist - I have gathered this is short for "Friends List" - yes?
Shipping - I'm lost. Shipping to me is putting it in a brown box and sending it UPS
OTP - I'm down with OPP and I've listened to ODB, but I do not know OTP. Help.
Crack - I have assumed this means addictive like crack, but I am starting to think there might be another, deeper meaning. Or I'm just a git.

That's all I can think of for now. In my defense, I will remind that the title of my journal does have the word "hermit" in it, and that's not just because it's clever. :) Thanks, homies.
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Here's 8. Technically, as I read this, it could have been part of chapter 7. But, if the worst thing I do all day is split up my chapters wonky, then I'll be ahead of the game. Ha.

Chapter 7-and-a-half, but we'll call it Eight )
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Hope you have a delightful birthday!!!! :) Here's a little birthday Doctor-ness for ya!!

Photo shamelessly swiped off flickr, from Alejandra Gamgeek. Not sure what the cut-off green thing is on the right side. Perhaps a Slitheen?
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Chapter 9 should be posted tomorrow morning, or late tonight, for those of you reading it. When I refer to natto in the story, in case you've never heard of it. I wanted you to have a good picture in your mind of what I was referring to. Here it is:

Those are beans in that slimy stuff. It's fermented soybeans in a paste that gets thicker, stickier and more web-like the more you stir it. Just for your reference, in case you didn't have a point of reference. They once did a natto battle on Iron Chef (Japan).


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