Sep. 7th, 2011

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Two more chapters uploaded to the queue at Teaspoon, awaiting approval. Thanks to all for the wonderful reviews - my computer just blew up with them last night and despite the one-two punch of a cold-with-fever, I was soaring.

Working today, despite feeling like the used end of the toilet brush. I work for a wonderful family and would rather come to work feeling like this than leave them in the lurch. At least they're understanding when I hang my head and groan a bit - I would have called in sick at my old job feeling half as bad as I do now.

However, I'm not too sick to be writing. My prompts are done and I'm not letting myself take another. Paradox Clones uploaded for the day, and I put Sword & Shield on the Teaspoon as well. So now, with my creative plate emptied, the real work begins on the Geisha story. I have a backlog of ideas that are waiting to be written, but this one has captured my imagination. Trying some different things with this one, at least in the first draft. We'll see how it plays out. Enough jive-talkin' for me - time to start writing. Whee!


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