Sep. 6th, 2011


Sep. 6th, 2011 07:47 am
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Showing my shiny newness again, I have been watching the page for the voting for who_contests' "Burn" challenge. Not wanting to be the first one to vote, I thought I'd wait until I saw some replies on there to post my vote. Well, none have shown up. I decided to be the first, the pioneer, and just be bold and post my vote just now.

At which point I figured out what "screened" means, and that nobody can see anybody else's comments and I'm a bimbo. :)
Thank you very much, I'll be here all week - try the prime rib!
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Uploaded 2 more chapters of Paradox Clones, bringing the count to eleven. Now, for some journal tinkering before I finish up my prompt story and get that sucker posted. After that, on to notes for the next story and no more prompt shopping. :) At some point I have to work on the three ideas that sprung out of my first attempt at a prompt and see if they're worth continuing. All while battling what is starting to feel entirely too much like a cold brewing at the back of my throat. Bleg.


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