Aug. 24th, 2011

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So, I tried my hand at my first drabble here: and then I wrote another one, which I am going to upload tomorrow. They are a lot of fun! Might put together a series on Teaspoon with all the drabbles in one place. There's a place on here where you can participate in drabble contests, and I have to figure out how to upload them properly to submit one or two for a contest. Lots of fun!!!

This whole fan fiction thing is just great - so many nice people, so many different ways to just get writing out there and get feedback. I wish I had found it a lot sooner than I did! :)

The Briar Rose sequel is just about done (72 pages - oy, that's going to take some time to upload) - just one more read through and some tweaking and I will start uploading. I hope people are kind & receptive to it as much as they were to Briar Rose. We shall see!
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