Aug. 9th, 2011

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Today I continue my draft of the sequel to my first Dr. Who fanfic "Briar Rose" - this is a great deal of fun and I'm glad I finally got up the courage to post some writing somewhere. I told my friends & family I just wanted ONE person to read it and like it, just one person who didn't have any obligation of kindness to me, and what did I end up with? Over 600 reads and 24 marvelous, wonderful reviews that just sent my heart soaring every time I read a new one. What a fantastic thing to have happen.
Then, there' s this livejournal. Suggested by who_in_whoville, I came here and set up an account. She wrote an off-site review of my story and it brought readers to it who were also very nice. Thanks so very much for being a helpful guide. :) 

For now it's back to the writing - I left the story with a bit of a cliffhanger because I'm mean like that, so I have to set to work. Sure hope story #2 measures up!! I spent a lot of time working out the plot - this one is going to be a bit more dramatic, hopefully suspenseful, with of course a touch of twee because that's how I roll.


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