Nov. 24th, 2011

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Here is a short, dippy little drabble to serve as my Thanksgiving card. Forgive the bad writing - it's early, we were up late and I have to go make cinnamon rolls now.

Massasoit and Squanto were there, with the rest of their tribe, among the grateful colonists. The colonists had survived the winter with terrible loss of life, but they had nevertheless survived. They would endure. The feast tables were laden with venison, duck, mussels, squash, corn, a pecan pie, green bean casserole, Pillsbury crescent rolls and three twenty-pound Butterball turkeys, each with their own kind of stuffing. The Doctor sat next to Miles Standish as he swiped his last bit of roll through the leavings on his third plate and belched, politely, into his napkin.

"Well, I'm full," he said, unbuttoning his trousers. "Commence food coma. Who wants to go back to the TARDIS and watch the Lions play the Packers on telly?"


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