Nov. 20th, 2011

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And now, a preview of coming attractions!

Title: Unforgettable
Rating: Teen
Pairing: 10/Rose/Jack
Series: This Could Be A Little More Sonic
Category: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Summary: Coming soon!
Author's Notes: This is not a proper chapter, but a little teaser/prologue thing. This story will not interrupt "Into The Howling," but will hopefully run at the same time. Got a bunny from my friend  and it demanded to be written. Who am I to argue with the muse? You'll find this one has an entirely different tone from Into The Howling. Also, I know 10/Rose/Jack is not canon, but I do not care. See "What Happens in Vegas" and "Doctormania." I even did a jolly graphic. [ profile] kelkat9[ profile] onabearskinrug and [ profile] who_in_whoville had a look at this in an earlier draft and didn't think it was too terrible, and I thank them for the encouragement, as always.
Read the trailer here... )


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