Oct. 3rd, 2011

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I have PWB - Post Weekend Block - which happens every time I don't spend enough time writing over the weekend. Getting back into the swing of things after a weekend of not writing leaves me a hot mess on Mondays. And sad. And grouchy. :( I just false-started my continuation of F&W three times and abandoned all three attempts. Then, because I have confidence made out of thinly spun sugar, I start to get discouraged, which is just never good. I need to watch some episodes to get 10 and Rose's voices back in my head and re-read the previous chapters and I'll get back in the groove. It's just at the moment I feel like I'm all full of cold mashed potatoes and stagnant water. :b
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And it's time for TL1 to go pink!! I'm all squinty in this pic, but I just don't care! :)

Love the way the color turned out this year. The irony is, my mom would have HATED this, and it's all for her. :) Well, she would have said she hated it, and loved it anyway. :)

Can't write worth a damn today, but at least my hair's fabulous!!! :D


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