Sep. 4th, 2011

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My hometown is home to what was once Illinois' largest music festival, called On The Waterfront. It's trickled off in the last couple of years and this might be the last year of its existence, which is kind of sad but not altogether unexpected, considering the prices they charge and the lack of acts. Except the wrap-up act this year. Stone Temple Pilots: Mr. Timelord's most favorite band. So, we went to watch them and to get a corn dog, because once a year I eat a corn dog on a stick with lots of mustard.

At the concert, you can either pay for reserved seating for concerts, or you can stand behind a little fence, packed in like pickles, and try to strain to see. Reserved seats for Stone Temple Pilots were $70 - $100, which was just not happening on any planet. We went to stand behind the fence. Mr. Timelord was happy as long as he could hear them play. Well, a local radio station said that they would be giving out free upgraded seating to people in the crowd displaying their logo somewhere on their person. We hurried up and snatched some bumper stickers and plastered them on ourselves and we were given the Cyberman treatment when we were selected for upgrading!!! :)

So, we got actual chairs to sit in and Mr. Timelord was out of his mind with glee. I was very happy and it was a great concert, but in the moments leading up to the concert, what did I do? Checked the Teaspoon for reviews and worked on notes in my head for the prompt story I'm working on (2 reviews tonight YAY!!!! I live for reviews, man). Once STP took the stage, however, I was all in. They put on a fabulous show, if you've never seen them. Scott Weiland is a captivating frontman, and at one point was climbing on the scaffolding next to the stage, which was just awesome.

A nice night, and I figured out the last portion of my prompt story, AND the tone for the upcoming, by-request tale of Geisha Rose and GI Doctor. :) Should be interesting!!!!!


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