Aug. 30th, 2011

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My first rec! I found this story: To Err Is Human by Lilac_Summers on Teaspoon, and am thoroughly enjoying the AU pairing of John Smith and Donna Noble during the events of "Human Nature/Family of Blood" - her writing of Donna is spot on, and the humor and tension (of all kinds!) are well balanced throughout. The portrayal of the TARDIS's sentience is one of my favorite points in the story, as well as all the other characterization. Check it out for a fun story!
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I'm going to share a simple recipe for today's prompt. It can be slightly labor-intensive, but the result is out of this world. It's for
my all-time favorite treat, one that I get requests to make all the time. They have many names among my friends ("Crack," "Noms," "Those
Awesome Truffles"), but I do'nt have a name for them. If you try them and think of one, let me know. :)

1 8 oz brick of cream cheese
1 package of regular Oreos, crushed in a blender or food processor to a powder
squares of white chocolate & (milk chocolate if you're ambitious)

Mix the brick of cream cheese in with the pulverised Oreos until well blended. Chill in fridge (if you can fit in there ha ha ha). When
chilled, take them out and roll them into 1-inch balls. Dip these in melted white chocolate and set on waxed paper. You can melt milk
chocolate and drizzle over the top of the white chocolate if you're feeling fancy. Let them set up, and enjoy with a glass of milk. You
won't be sorry.
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Mr. Timelord is also a mad Who fan, and I wanted to post a little something just for him.

I think I might have married the Doctor. I'm going to have to search his dresser and see if I can find a fobwatch with circular symbols on it.

Here is the evidence I have found so far:
1. He can fix anything. Leave him alone with a nonfunctioning appliance for a few minutes and it's back working like new. I wonder if he's hiding a sonic screwdriver somewhere on his person all the time.
2. The brainy specs. I'm starting to think he only wears them to look clever.
3. Sideburns.
4. The hair. Fabulously 10 when it's long and floppy, so much like 9 when he crops it short. But, always, the sideburns remain.
5. The trainers.
6. He's not ginger, and he can be inadvertently rude. No fingers in the marmalade for him, but he will say what he thinks with a look of blissful innocence, as if stating a fact.
7. He thinks bananas are good.
8. If you need rescuing, he's the one you call. We've gotten midnight phone calls on many occasions.
9. He loves to hold my hand.
10. If you want an adventure, he'll take you someplace you've never been before. Setting the controls to random is his specialty.
11. He can't always remember how to dance.
12. The puppy-dog eyes.
13. He's great with the hugs, and even better with the kissing.
14. He, too, would handle Captain Jack's advances with grace.
15. Sometimes he acts as if he's from another planet, but with such charm it's hard not to smile.
16. The giddy sense of humor is there, as is the protective streak. Insanely protective; not just of me, but of anyone who needs protecting. You definitely don't want to ridicule someone with a handicap around my husband.
17. He wants to help in every situation he can.

So, maybe he used the Chameleon Arch and has been hiding out for the last 9 years. Perhaps I'll find the TARDIS stored in the back of the garage one day, and then I'll find the watch and get him to open it and we can get the hell out of here. If so, I'll make sure we swing by and pick up anybody who would like a lift. ;)

The Doctor and K-9????


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