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Hey all - I stumbled on this sweet Christmas story featuring the 1st Doctor, Susan, Ian & Barbara called "Doctor Scrooge" by HobbitSupreme. If you've seen any of the classic Dr. Who, this reads like you're watching an episode, but also goes deeper into the character of the 1st Doctor, and is fascinating as well as well-written. It's a good length for a Christmas story, and I think you'll enjoy it if you take a look. So far 2 chapters are posted for viewing, with more to come. Enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment if you do!!!! :) 

Doctor Scrooge
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42 is one of my all time favorite episodes - might have to write an AU where it's Rose instead of Martha in that one...hm...anyway, tonight I bring to you a rec of a story on the Teaspoon by LN29. It goes inside the Doctor's head during the possession in 42. Brilliant stuff. You'll enjoy - very intense!!

Burn with this Story: "Burn With Me" by LN29


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