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Thought this picture was cute...2 of our dogs, Abbey (on Mr. Timelord) and Murphy (the black and white lump beside him) conspired to make this an early night for Mr. Timelord. That is an XBox controller in his hand, still on...sinister warm doggies and their sleep mojo...

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TitleAlien Flavours
Pairing: Doctor/Rose (can't tell if this is 9 or 10, I leave it up to your interpretation)
Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor makes lunch. Rose is reminded that he is, indeed, an alien.
A/N: Haven't written a silly little nothing in a while...I hope this is a sign of creativity returning lol. 

Alien Flavours )
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SO blocked today - I am going to just walk away from the computer for a while, so that I don't write something like this:

goofiness under the cut. DO NOT CLICK, JENNIFER! )
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My brother and I text back and forth a lot, making each other laugh. We were talking about McDonalds today (I have such an INSANE craving for a Big Mac right now it's ridiculous). He can't eat them because of the seeds on the bun. I told him you can order one with all bun bottoms, or without meat, or any way you want it. 

His text response to this: Witchcraft!

My response to him: Time Lord.

:D :D :D :D

(he didn't get it, but I'm still grinnin')
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Wow, apparently somebody ordered an apocalypse for this afternoon. I was looking out the window at blue skies, went to get a drink of water and came back to dark clouds, super fast winds and pouring rain. Um. Hm. Apparently I must have stepped through some sort of portal or something. Dude. Big pine tree in back of house doing angry hula in the wind. Not good. :/

Oh well, working on my banners for the Banana Crackeri is much more important than surviving apocalypse. :)


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