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Hey all, just to let you know, those screwball Meta Twins went and posted another chapter to their story, "Just Our Luck" over on their page and at Time & Chips. Be sure to check it out!!
As for this slacker writer, I finished my Christmas fic, and now it's back to Into the Howling. I hope to have Chapter 9 posted very soon, so you can find out what happens after Doctor Whut tells the Doctor to break the nurse's neck. Cos I know you're just itching to find out! Lol so am I!!!! ;)
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Because I have LOTS of work to do hee hee hee. This weekend was Fertile Idea Weekend A-Gogo, and I have many more plot bunnies bouncing around in  my head now.

Hopefully posting "Rescues" this week, and continuing work on Geisha Rose. After those are done, and perhaps some shorties along the way, I am going to start on my take on Metacrisis and Rose. It all burst into my head in a glorious wave of creative voodoo while Mr. Timelord and I were out and about this weekend. I think I drove him up the wall telling him plot points and sharing ideas during the Bears game ha ha. My AU will be a little bit steampunk (might be the wrong term, looking at my notes. "Petrolpunk" might be more apt), a little bit manic, with a lot of romance and some fabulous plot twists and whatnots. :) Very excited!!!

Other ideas abound - I'm glad I picked a handy-dandy notebook to carry around with me as my Doctor Who "Spare Brain," or I'd go bonkers trying to keep everything straight. Such a creative surge in the last month or so - I love it!

So, I'm off to get started. I hope. :) If my thought processes don't lock up the minute I start to write them down lol.


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