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My brother and I text back and forth a lot, making each other laugh. We were talking about McDonalds today (I have such an INSANE craving for a Big Mac right now it's ridiculous). He can't eat them because of the seeds on the bun. I told him you can order one with all bun bottoms, or without meat, or any way you want it. 

His text response to this: Witchcraft!

My response to him: Time Lord.

:D :D :D :D

(he didn't get it, but I'm still grinnin')
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Maybe it was in the delivery, but I made Mr. T laugh so hard when I told him this joke he almost fell down a little flight of steps. (there's that lurking sadist again). Total geeky joke, but I hope it makes ya smile:

I want to write a quiz, and on that quiz have a question about washed up Eighties pop stars with at least five options for the correct answer, so that I can say E equals MC Hammer.

Athankyou, I'll be here all week!


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