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TitleAlien Flavours
Pairing: Doctor/Rose (can't tell if this is 9 or 10, I leave it up to your interpretation)
Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor makes lunch. Rose is reminded that he is, indeed, an alien.
A/N: Haven't written a silly little nothing in a while...I hope this is a sign of creativity returning lol. 

Alien Flavours )
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SO blocked today - I am going to just walk away from the computer for a while, so that I don't write something like this:

goofiness under the cut. DO NOT CLICK, JENNIFER! )


Sep. 30th, 2011 12:40 pm
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I'm trying this whole eating healthy thing, and I figured what's healthier than rice? As I'm working on the geisha story before I go teach, I thought I'd throw together a quickie Japanese rice dish, only to remember that all my proper Japanese ingredients are at my client's house, as I cook stuff there for him a lot.
But, there was nothing else healthy in the house to eat. So I whipped up a batch of chicken with rice, trying to do it Japanese style with approximate Western ingredient equivalents.

This was highly unsuccessful.

I'm eating rice that tastes like gingerbread chicken with mayo on it. And I'm eating it, because that's all there is in the house for lunch.

Just thought I'd share - now back to the geishas. I wonder if this is how bad natto tastes...


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