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Have y'all been to [livejournal.com profile] shadows_gallery yet? It features the art of [livejournal.com profile] wander_realtai, who is a fabulous artist!! Well, today just happens to be Free Sketch Day on her page, and I went and posted a one-word prompt, as is the thing to do, and I got a kick-ass sketch super fast! I was truly amazed by both the piece of artwork AND the speed with which she turned that around! 

My prompt word was: Phantasm

Wanna see the result?

Pretty dang awesome, yeah? I thought so, too.
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Now an AU version of Doomsday is rattling around in my head. It may demand to be written before the first installment of my 10.2-verse... ARGH!!!

Dang things - they're everywhere!


Oct. 10th, 2011 02:51 pm
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Well, now I gots me a problem. F&W Chapter 15 is over 4,000 words long. :/ But I don't want to cut it into two chapters. I suppose I could - just post them immediately back to back, but it breaks up the flow. Wasn't I just saying something to you, [livejournal.com profile] kelkat9, about not cutting things? Urgh. This is what I get for posting advice about writing. I end up in EXACTLY the same predicament.

*bangs head on table*
*back to drawing board*

Chapter posted sometime today, I promise. :)


Oct. 9th, 2011 06:06 pm
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Well, I was writing something for the TTU "Rose" prompt, but have decided to abandon it in the interest of time. I got so wrapped up with F&W this weekend, and then everything else that went crazy for me in RL, there just isn't time to finish the story in time and make it post-worthy. Which makes me kind of sad because I liked where it was going, but I'm not going to blow through the ending just to get it done on time. Maybe one day I'll post it on my own page if I ever finish it.

And I was one of the dorks who voted "one week" for challenges, and here I can't even pull it off. Big dummy.

Anyroad, with that monkey off my back for now, I'm going back to F&W, where my heart is, and continue that story. Things are about to get very interesting, so I want to give it all the focus it deserves and demands right now. Still, feel like I'm standing on the platform watching the train pull out of the station, just a couple seconds too late to get on. :(
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Here is Chapter 9. It's a little longer, and a bit silly at times, but I thought you might need some silly considering what will be coming in future chapters. Oh BOY what's coming in future chapters. Okay, yes, [livejournal.com profile] onabearskinrug, perhaps I do have a touch of sadism in me after all...

Chapter 9 )
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My new cell phone background: Feel free to use if you like. :) This one turned out quite nicely, I think!

GI Who!

Sep. 15th, 2011 08:22 pm
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By request, my photomanip of GI Who, as (will be) seen in my current multichapter fic, "Flower and Willow"

It's not perfect (that would take a lot longer) - but I'm pleased enough with it to post.
ALSO: It's an Air Force uniform. I know this. Will adjust story accordingly. ;)
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So many firsts since I started putting stuff on the Teaspoon and on LJ. I'm going to try posting "Flower and Willow" aka the Geisha Rose story, chapter by chapter instead of finishing the project and posting it all at once over a couple of days. So, here's chapter one:

Title: Flower and Willow
Rating: Teen (at least for this chapter)
Pairing: 10/Rose
Summary: On their way to visit old friends, the Doctor and Rose find something that sidetracks them. Isn't that always the way with them?
Notes: This is going to be a bit of a long story, so it'll take some buildup, but I hope you enjoy. There's been some historical research involved, so I hope that any inaccuracies can be chalked up to bad research and ignorance on the part of the author.

Chapter 1 )

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Yes, that's right - the following is a teaser-drabble for my now-in-progress story, tentatively titled "Flower and Willow" - also known as the Geisha Rose story. I have one chapter drafted, starting on the second. I want to get a few under my belt before I post, but I am going to try to post this as I'm writing it, which is a change for me. It starts out in the TARDIS, on a typical day, just before the trouble begins as a good story should. Anyway, enough of the setup, let's roll the clip!

decided to put this behind a cut. knickers are mentioned, after all.... )

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Because I have LOTS of work to do hee hee hee. This weekend was Fertile Idea Weekend A-Gogo, and I have many more plot bunnies bouncing around in  my head now.

Hopefully posting "Rescues" this week, and continuing work on Geisha Rose. After those are done, and perhaps some shorties along the way, I am going to start on my take on Metacrisis and Rose. It all burst into my head in a glorious wave of creative voodoo while Mr. Timelord and I were out and about this weekend. I think I drove him up the wall telling him plot points and sharing ideas during the Bears game ha ha. My AU will be a little bit steampunk (might be the wrong term, looking at my notes. "Petrolpunk" might be more apt), a little bit manic, with a lot of romance and some fabulous plot twists and whatnots. :) Very excited!!!

Other ideas abound - I'm glad I picked a handy-dandy notebook to carry around with me as my Doctor Who "Spare Brain," or I'd go bonkers trying to keep everything straight. Such a creative surge in the last month or so - I love it!

So, I'm off to get started. I hope. :) If my thought processes don't lock up the minute I start to write them down lol.
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Hi all - anybody out there have songs they use that particularly inspire them one way or another when writing Who fiction? I thought it might be fun to post them into one jumbo, shared playlist.

Here's a few that inspire me:

"Uprising" by Muse - it has a real "Who" sound to it, and evokes images of battle and struggle and intensity.

"Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 'Redemption'"  by Muse, from the same album as above, it is very heartfelt and emotional. Listened to this a lot when writing the emotional parts of "Paradox Clones" - esp. the "Let me go," part. Very moving piece of music

"When We First Met" by Hellogoodbye - I play this one a lot when writing the silly fluff.

Anything by Woodpigeon, especially off the album "Songbook" is also good for twee/fluff. :)
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Two more chapters uploaded to the queue at Teaspoon, awaiting approval. Thanks to all for the wonderful reviews - my computer just blew up with them last night and despite the one-two punch of a cold-with-fever, I was soaring.

Working today, despite feeling like the used end of the toilet brush. I work for a wonderful family and would rather come to work feeling like this than leave them in the lurch. At least they're understanding when I hang my head and groan a bit - I would have called in sick at my old job feeling half as bad as I do now.

However, I'm not too sick to be writing. My prompts are done and I'm not letting myself take another. Paradox Clones uploaded for the day, and I put Sword & Shield on the Teaspoon as well. So now, with my creative plate emptied, the real work begins on the Geisha story. I have a backlog of ideas that are waiting to be written, but this one has captured my imagination. Trying some different things with this one, at least in the first draft. We'll see how it plays out. Enough jive-talkin' for me - time to start writing. Whee!
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Uploaded 2 more chapters of Paradox Clones, bringing the count to eleven. Now, for some journal tinkering before I finish up my prompt story and get that sucker posted. After that, on to notes for the next story and no more prompt shopping. :) At some point I have to work on the three ideas that sprung out of my first attempt at a prompt and see if they're worth continuing. All while battling what is starting to feel entirely too much like a cold brewing at the back of my throat. Bleg.


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