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Thought this picture was cute...2 of our dogs, Abbey (on Mr. Timelord) and Murphy (the black and white lump beside him) conspired to make this an early night for Mr. Timelord. That is an XBox controller in his hand, still on...sinister warm doggies and their sleep mojo...

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So, the town where I live has a bit of a...rough edge to it. It's like the 9th or 10th most violent city in the United States (of our size? I don't know, anyway, people were up in arms about it) - we're like the Detroit of mid-sized cities, I guess. Anyway, there's also a pretty serious lack of quality education. The fact that I can construct a sentence at all has more to do with my parents' insisting I grow up something of an intellectual snob than what I learned in school.

Anyway, so Mr. Timelord and I are going to go as a mad scientist (me!) and her fiendish creation for Halloween this year. I wanted an Erlenmeyer flask, and can't find a place in town that would have something like that. So I called this one local party store that has the best Halloween room in town. Bearing in mind the entire store is staffed by a bunch of snooty women - they've been around for decades, and no teenager has ever worked in this store. I think you actually have to be an uptight old broad who looks like they have a lot of money to even apply to work there. This is pointed out just so you know I wasn't talking to some young kid who didn't know any better.

Here was our conversation:

Me - Hi, I'm looking for an Erlenmeyer flask, like a mad scientist would have in their lab.
Clerk - Huh?
Me - Oh, sorry. It's kind of an odd shaped glass container. Sort of like a bottle, but wide at the bottom. Like they use in a lab.
Clerk - No, we don't have no glass bottle thing.

Now, as some of you know I am a grammar nut. I nearly burst into flames. Just had to share. Today's adventure: find an Erlenmeyer flask. Given the intellectual atmosphere of this town, it will probably end up being a road trip.
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My brother and I text back and forth a lot, making each other laugh. We were talking about McDonalds today (I have such an INSANE craving for a Big Mac right now it's ridiculous). He can't eat them because of the seeds on the bun. I told him you can order one with all bun bottoms, or without meat, or any way you want it. 

His text response to this: Witchcraft!

My response to him: Time Lord.

:D :D :D :D

(he didn't get it, but I'm still grinnin')
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So I could show off the devotion of [livejournal.com profile] bitchblossom, coming to the walk post-appendectomy last Saturday, and to show you the fabulousness of Mr. T's pink sideburns. :)
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Per a conversation with [livejournal.com profile] who_in_whoville, just wanted to post some love to my flist. This is what LJ feels like to me. :)
**Particularly the moment at 2:20 and after**


Oct. 9th, 2011 06:06 pm
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Well, I was writing something for the TTU "Rose" prompt, but have decided to abandon it in the interest of time. I got so wrapped up with F&W this weekend, and then everything else that went crazy for me in RL, there just isn't time to finish the story in time and make it post-worthy. Which makes me kind of sad because I liked where it was going, but I'm not going to blow through the ending just to get it done on time. Maybe one day I'll post it on my own page if I ever finish it.

And I was one of the dorks who voted "one week" for challenges, and here I can't even pull it off. Big dummy.

Anyroad, with that monkey off my back for now, I'm going back to F&W, where my heart is, and continue that story. Things are about to get very interesting, so I want to give it all the focus it deserves and demands right now. Still, feel like I'm standing on the platform watching the train pull out of the station, just a couple seconds too late to get on. :(
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Wow, apparently somebody ordered an apocalypse for this afternoon. I was looking out the window at blue skies, went to get a drink of water and came back to dark clouds, super fast winds and pouring rain. Um. Hm. Apparently I must have stepped through some sort of portal or something. Dude. Big pine tree in back of house doing angry hula in the wind. Not good. :/

Oh well, working on my banners for the Banana Crackeri is much more important than surviving apocalypse. :)
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I pity the fool who doesn't recognize the most awesome husband a girl could ever ask for. :)
"You ready for this?" "Ohyes! Allons-y!"
Yeah I just blew my cover. But, I'm kind of all over the internet anyway, what with roller derby promo shots and improv stuffs, so I'm a digital ho. :) The hair's blonde now, and I'm not quite as doughy. ;) Still just as happy with Mr. T, though.

Happier. :)
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My brother is a ribs guy - makes his own rubs and sauces and they're delicious. I carry a notebook to write down ideas and snippets of dialogue. He has a notebook with recipe ideas and notes on spices. So, tonight, I decided to do a bit of crossover and come up with a rub. As I was raiding my spice cupboard, I had a bit of a giggle and made a rub with a couple ingredients that made me chuckle as I thought of the Doctor. Here it is, in order of how much I used largest to smallest:
Brown Sugar
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic Powder
Chili Powder
White pepper
Ground Mustard
Lawry's seasoned salt
Lawry's seasoned pepper
Ginger <-- ha ha these ribs are rude, too.
Rosemary <--- get it? Rose?
(I have come to the conclusion that I need a life. But i'm okay with that.)
The end result of this rub is a nice heat that whispers "burn with me..."

***Before applying the rub, marinate the ribs in the following mixture: 1 cup of apple juice, a whole bunch of yellow mustard, and a dash of soy sauce.***

Cook on slow heat, and add your favorite sauce at the appropriate time. :)

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This is a silly, fluffy bit of nothing in honor of how I'll be spending my evening tonight. :) Sick or not, I'm not wasting a beautiful late summer/early fall evening indoors. Word count: 100. Point: none! :D Avanti!

The TARDIS was sitting in a field with its doors open. There were two sleeping bags in the entryway, a small fire burning nearby.
“Rose!” the Doctor shouted. “You’re missing the moonrise!”
At last Rose returned, carrying a plastic bag, a box, and a package. “You’ve shown me a lot of amazing things. It’s my turn.” She jammed a marshmallow onto a stick and put it in his hands. When it caught fire, she blew it out and put it between two pieces of graham with a bit of chocolate. He took a bite and grinned a sticky grin.


Sep. 8th, 2011 11:29 am
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I went for the big push and uploaded the last three chapters of "Paradox Clones" to the Teaspoon this morning. I hope people like the end. Admittedly, the very end is a bit fluffy and twee, but that's the way I like to write so there you go.

My cell phone is all tricked out in Who stuff, from the background to the ringtone to the sound of an incoming message (a Dalek screeching "EXTERMINATE!" - but I'm not a nerd. No.) :) and late last night I kept getting texts from a friend. Mr. Timelord, who was half asleep, mumbled something about "Somebody turn off the Dalek" which was quite hilarious. Might have to write a goofy little something. We'll see.

Anyway, I think my cold is migrating from my head to my chest, which is both good and bad. Not that I'm a fan of coughing, but it is a little easier to breathe through my nose this morning. And I'm STARVING - don't they say 'Feed a cold, starve a fever' or something like that? Hm. Think I'll go feed my cold now.
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Uploaded 2 more chapters of Paradox Clones, bringing the count to eleven. Now, for some journal tinkering before I finish up my prompt story and get that sucker posted. After that, on to notes for the next story and no more prompt shopping. :) At some point I have to work on the three ideas that sprung out of my first attempt at a prompt and see if they're worth continuing. All while battling what is starting to feel entirely too much like a cold brewing at the back of my throat. Bleg.


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